An Introduction to Vocabulary Target Selection and Aided Language Stimulation


Claire Cereghino (Powell), MS, CCC-SLP

About the Course

Vocabulary target selection and modeling AAC often seem like daunting tasks when a child has a new communication device. In this course, Claire Cereghino puts her focus on the value of both Core and Fringe vocabulary and on the relation between appropriate vocabulary selection and the overall success of AAC implementation. Additionally, she provides an introduction to the method of Aided Language Stimulation and examines different suggestions for implementing this method in therapy contexts. This course is a recording of a presentation given at the AAC Bootcamp conference organized by Adler’s Voice in February 2016.

About the Presenter

Claire Cereghino is a practicing speech-language pathologist whose focus and passion is working with children with complex communication needs. She received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders followed by her Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Since her graduation, she has worked in school settings, private practice, and hospitals. She lives in Bend, Oregon, and serves as a member of the Grant Review Commitee of Adler’s Voice.

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80 Minutes